Quality, Environment and Safety

Lucios is an environmentally responsible company. This guideline commands our behavior and is transversal to all areas of intervention.
On one hand, we wish to go further, creating new solutions; on the other hand, we wish to do it with consciousness, with care and with the certainty that the choices we make era the right ones to ensure the safety of our teams and to preserve the quality of people’s lives, both today and in the generations to come.

Lucios is a certified company in Quality (NP EN ISO 9001) in the scope of Civil Construction and Public Works, Rehabilitation and Preservation of Buildings, Design and Development of Projects, and Production and Sale of Concrete; in Environment (NP EN ISO 14001) and Safety (NP EN ISO 18001).

A recognition that leaves us, more than just satisfied, but also reassured, for it proves our sense of responsibility in the fulfilment of all of the necessary rules to a positive professional, social and ecological conduct.

This is an attitude that accompanies us since the very first days: zero accidents, recycling, reusing and assurance of product quality – these are premises that are a part of the language of all our workers, which is passed on and recognized by our clients.