For over seven decades, at Lucios, we have dedicated all our experience into shaping many architectural and construction projects in Portugal. We are always looking out for the needs of our clients and their constant evolution; we have diversified our business segments and nowadays act in the residential, industrial, trade and services, sport and leisure, and conservation and requalification of public and private buildings. This segment of regeneration is becoming increasingly more important in our business philosophy and turnover.

To this certainly contributes our ability to respond in complementary areas of construction, through the creation of Lucios Industry, which embraces the carpentry production, the metalwork production and the production and sale of concrete, enabling us to be more autonomous, faster and better in each work.

We wish to be recognized for the innovation and sustainability of our projects, which reflects positively in the quality of life of people and spaces. We want to be a reference in our market, but we wish to remain faithful to the values that we have defined since the first stone. We want to maintain the professionalism, excellence, solidity and innovation that keep us close to clients and employees. We wish to continue to focus on the rigor, sustainability and dedication that we bring from our past, that helps us build the present and points us to the ways of the future.

This is our mission, day-to-day, work to work.