Lucios finishes 2 works of €20,7M in Porto

Lucios announced today the completion of two contracts in the city of Porto - the expansion of the College of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) and the conversion of the old cinema Águia D'Ouro in a budget hotel - projects that provided the company with an intake in the order of € 20.7M.

The anguishes of managing in times of crisis

Filipe Azevedo leads the destiny of Lucios, a building company listed at IAPMEI's PME Excellency. In defiance of the trend in the sector, it resisted the lure of foreign markets and gave up growing beyond the 50 million euros to stay nimble and efficient. In 2011, it lies on the edge (52 million), growing 10% in a year when the industry fell at least 8%. It employs 300 people.

Lucios rehabilitates 200 homes in Lagarteiro

The construction company Lucios has completed the urban rehabilitation work carried out in the social housing project of Lagarteiro, in Porto, an intervention valued at € 2.65 M, which included 200 houses, corresponding to eight blocks of multifamily housing.