Construction company Lucios starts internationalization in Mozambique


The construction company Lucios will debut on the international markets. The initial bet will be in Mozambique. "The entrance, next September, in the market of Mozambique is the result of some research we've done in five or six countries and it seems like a good opportunity, especially an opportunity with a smaller risk," explains the managing director of the group, Filipe Azevedo, to Diário Económico.

Praça das Cardosas is now a private zone of public access

The Praça (square) das Cardosas in Oporto, was inaugurated on Thursday, with total investment of the block, with hotel and parking already in operation and shops and apartments under construction, of 84 million euros, 13 of which of public investment.

Lucios wins residential project in Serralves

The building company Lucios has started the construction of a residential building with 74 apartments, which will involve the rehabilitation of previous structures of the old Lordelo’s factory and the 'renaturation' of Ribeira de Grijó, a small water course.