The biggest operation to the heart of Porto

The center of Porto, near the Avenida dos Aliados, has a new face since last summer, when the project Passeio das Cardosas was inaugurated , by the company Lucios. What is considered the greatest work of urban rehabilitation ever undertaken in the Downtown Porto was made ​​possible by a partnership between Lucios and Porto Municipal Council.

Lucios finishes 2 works in the Minho region, with an input of €5,5M

Lucios announced today the completion of two projects in the Minho Region - Vila Verde High School (Braga) and the Nautical Center of

Viana do Castelo - Rowing Center - that meant a €5.5 M input for the building company.

Lucios will build the School Center of Campo Maior.

Lucios is to build the new School of Campo Maior, a project adjudicated by the local municipality, with a construction value of more than 5 million euros.