Lucios Services and Maintenance

Our clients know, from personal experience, that they can count on us even after our work is done.

That is the main function of Lucios Services and Maintenance, which secures Lucios’ After-Sales Support and that operates in the area of small requalification works, provision of services, and preventive, curative and emergency maintenance.

That is, our daily commitment with the preservation of the good conditions of our works, making sure that they maintain perfect living conditions for many, many years.

Making sure that all works and operations performed are a success, is a team of engineers and professional construction services and maintenance technicians, fully equipped with a fleet of assistance vehicles and all other equipment that is vital to the development of their work.

From the first contact to the end of the work, we are concerned with answering adequately to expectations, in meeting deadlines, in fully satisfying needs and in solving any problem that arises. Fortunately, and due to the cohesion and good functioning of our team of workers, we have the satisfaction of mission accomplished and of the assurance that nothing was left unsolved. And for us, that math is nice and simple: a problem always equals a solution. Or several.