To reach 2014 as being recognized in the construction sector as a referral company in several intervention areas, is to tell a story that has been built by many hours of labor, many people involved, many works and projects in the making and many other figures that just keep getting bigger.

We are leaders in the rehabilitation area, a leadership that comes from the ability to recognize and seize new opportunities.
We have always known how to capitalize the experience of over 7 decades of activity and take on an evolutionary, innovative posture that makes us believe that it is possible to transform obstacles into opportunities.

It has been this way since the very first day, in 1942, when Mestre Lúcio Azevedo decided to take a risk on its own, with few financial means, using only rudimentary methods and the help of half a dozen hard working men, with the same will to take chances. To the construction business, Mestre Lúcio brought his personal note and the values that have accompanied the following generations. 

In the 1970’s, Lúcio da Silva Azevedo e Filhos, Lda. has once again to beat the odds in the years of crisis in Portugal. Under the supervision of his son, Alberto Carvalho Azevedo, the target market of the company is reinvented and broadened to works all throughout the North of the country, to clients as diverse as factories, banks and other institutions that never stopped investing on construction.

It is here, but a few years later, that a brand new market emerges: the secondary dwelling homes by the beach, namely in Matosinhos. A bet won, which led to the investment in the high quality residential market.

Not wanting to stop being a reference to clients, suppliers and to the competition, there was the need to control the many specialties of construction: thus giving birth to a new company, Padinho, devoted to the sale of building materials, and new internal production stations were added: the carpentry, the metalwork and the concrete station. With these additions, a new push is given to the company, which goes on to have full autonomy in its works and an absolute control in the quality of its performance.

Lucios wins a new impetus, there is a greater solidity and determination to win. With a considerable dimension, there comes the time, in the 1990’s, to reorganize the Group companies.
It is here that Azevedos’ comes to life, a shareholdings global management company and the third generation of the family, which instills new methods for the consolidation of Lucios and guides it into new directions and markets.

In the last few years, with the executive management in the hands of Filipe Azevedo, Lucios stood as a pioneer and a specialist in the area of urban rehabilitation, a title confirmed by several national awards, and has expanded beyond its borders, taking the name Lucios to other countries and markets.