Civil Responsibility

At Lucios, we have a growing concern in encouraging a conciliatory approach between our economic activity and social responsibility. We know that it is as important to be aware to what of happening inside the company, as to what occurs around it. This attention to our surroundings begins with creating employment, both direct and indirect, with the integration of recent graduates in the work market and with the acceptance of several internships, with the assurance of continuous equality opportunities.

From early on, we have sought to involve our workers in several activities, both professional and personal, both motivational and of awareness. It is important that we all have the same awareness of the opportunities and difficulties, and that with that knowledge we can build a better and fairer world.

Internally, we have developed recreational and debate activities, where employees share their ideas and opinions, and where families have a special place. We are concerned with contributing to the welfare of all, for example with the Seasonal Flu Vaccination Program or the introduction of healthy eating habits, through the offer of fresh fruit in the company.

This involvement with local communities is extended to other activities, such is the case of campaigns for the collection of clothes, food and toys, and the support of non-profit institutions, specifically in projects that support children, underprivileged families and bearers of disabilities. In speaking of social responsibility, we are also talking about education.

On a regular basis, we promote the know-how of our activity with schools and universities, with which we maintain a very close and active relationship, opening our doors to their students. We also give awards that aim at celebrating the excellence and effort of those who study. We believe that this involvement might not change the world, making it equal and fair, but we trust that it will help build a better world.