Rehabilitate, the future of construction

If we had to name one challenge that has quickly become a
winning bet that would be, without a doubt, the rehabilitation
sector. In the beginning the Word was to build. For the last
few years, we have devoted our work to rebuild, recover and
rehabilitate. Which is to say: to give new life to old buildings.

In Portugal, we were pioneers in accompanying and solidifying
the awareness that it is essential to preserve the memory
of the cities, preserve the history told by its buildings.

We were the first to make a priority out of recovery, investing
financial resources, adapting technicians and means
to respond vigorously to this enormous challenge. Urban
regeneration follows very strict criteria and very particular
rules, making it necessary for an increasing specialization
of the entire company, its culture and its way of working.

This transformation includes the growing need for innovation
in terms of techniques and materials. Both made a
contribution so that we could, today, be filled with pride and
state that we are a company of reference in the area, with
works which have been awarded and which have given us
an incentive to continue.

If our main stage began as the city of Porto, today we already carry out redevelopment works all over the country and even overseas. 

And this is the way of the future, a path that we will
continue to break through and build.