Intervention Areas


One of our country’s greatest wealth is tourism. And receiving well is a tradition that we, as a building company, wish to maintain. So, every hotel we have built or rehabilitated is the product of technical discipline, great experience, top quality solutions and innovation, as is exemplified by the portfolio we proudly showcase, which allows us to state that we have a specific knowhow in this area. Choosing a hotel, we want it to be functional and inviting. Exactly like us.


In the last years, construction in the industrial area has been increasing significantly throughout the country. More and more, there is a greater demand for innovative solutions that give a technical response to the functional and physical requirements of each industry. With a strong knowhow in this area, we have been answering to every one of those details and have built factories or manufacturing complexes equipped with every infrastructure necessary for its excellent operation. We have developed pioneer solutions on a regular basis, such as the slag cooling waters reuse system – a byproduct of steel – at the Siderurgia Nacional da Maia.


“Home, sweet home” sums up very well the feeling that each of us has for the house we live in. It is between the walls for our home that we enjoy being and it is in them that we keep so much of what we are. And by sharing this idea and feeling, our biggest concern in every residential construction is to achieve the greatest comfort, the perfect acoustic and thermal insulation and the rigorous choice of the finest materials. The experience and knowhow we have acquired throughout the years ensure the building of premium houses, as well as social housing, and leaves everyone at ease, both us and our clients.


One of the things our profession has taught us is that we are constantly learning. And in terms of building school equipment, we have learned a lot. All in all, our teams have already built or rehabilitated dozens of schools. And that means, throughout this time, we have prepared many classrooms, we have equipped many playgrounds, we have made spaces greener, created the suitable infrastructures and proved that in terms of construction, we have studied our lesson well. Our work teams aren’t just devoted to making houses and buildings. Because in life there is also room for sports and leisure activities, we apply our knowledge, techniques and the best materials in the construction of safe and functional structures. Community centers, parks, sports pavilions and gardens, allowing for everyone to take the most of them and, at the same time, further enjoy their leisure time.