Praça das Cardosas is now a private zone of public access

The Praça (square) das Cardosas in Oporto, was inaugurated on Thursday, with total investment of the block, with hotel and parking already in operation and shops and apartments under construction, of 84 million euros, 13 of which of public investment.
The opening ceremony of Praça das Cardosas  and also the Passeio das Cardosas - complex of 52 apartments and 19 shops - was attended by the mayor of Porto, Rui Rio, and the president of the society of Urban Renewal (SRU Porto Vivo) of Oporto, Rui Moreira.
Private space
The Praça das Cardosas, which will be a private area of public access, is located behind the Hotel Intercontinental and on top of parking, structures already opened and in operation.
Under construction is Passeio das Cardosas, which according to the building company Lucios - SRU partner in the project - will have the buildings completed in its entirety, until February 2013, with shops starting from November this year.
One of the stores that will be installed in the complex is the "Porto Welcome Center", an interactive store of Oporto and  North Tourism.
"We are talking about an engagement on the block, including the square and all the buildings that surround it, including the hotel, of84 million, approximate numbers, of course. From this, there is a public investment, through the Urban Rehabilitation Society, of 13 million euros, while the remaining 71 are private investment which demonstrates that in this case, public investment could generate interest and be the multiplier we  want in urban regeneration "Rui Moreira told reporters.
In turn, Rui Rio said it was "evident" that you can not "aspire to have the Oporto downtown rehabilitated" without the private sector.
"If we expect from public budgets - whether they are national or local - there is no money for this," he said.
Square closes at night
Asked if this is an early opening - once the flats and the shops are not yet completed - the mayor of Porto was peremptory: "I would say exactly the opposite. It was good that the square had been opened for some time because the hotel has opened a long time. "
"This is a private area of public access. People can come here, walk, stay here, but then there's a certain time of night when it closes. But that is not bad because even for security is a positive thing, "he said to reporters when asked about the fact that the square will close in the evening after the closing of the spaces.
 Filipe Azevedo, Lucios’ manager, company partner of the SRU, explained that the "operation is divided into several phases."
"First it was the hotel that has opened for some time. It has also opened a few months ago the car park, these works have limited the rest of the works and the works of the square and the works on the square are now conditioning the rest of the works of the buildings "enumerated.
Source: Porto 24